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Mr trump withdrew from the TPP that he wasn't sure whether the degree with a whether the agreement would be you will be worth going ahead with but the trade ministers from the air be your lover the other 11 countries they were meeting at the weekend they think that it's well worth going head that talking about cutting 18000 Terrace once this server once this agreement if it does go it out if it is ratified it took 7 years to negotiate I think that they don't want all of our efforts to be wasted just to be clear why did Mr trouble band in the TPP well he doesn't seem to like multilateral trade deals in other words trade deals that lots of countries participating he prefers to do individual psychological bilateral deals One on One deals at all so I think that there was her the Middle Eastern politics it's one of the first things he did when he got into office he was one of his campaign promises.
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seven years in the making of the name of phasing out tariffs added to goods and services today's ruling from the EU is highest court the ecj makes clear that the EU institutions alone cannot ratify the deal and 38 national and regional assemblies must have a vote on to specific areas of the agreement on banking and setting financial dispute Canada recently ratified in EU trade deal and it went through a similar process it was almost derailed when I miss you rejected by the wall only original Parliament in Belgium but this latest ruling has made clear that large sections of the trade deal could be ratified by the EU alone including labour transport.