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The Godfather of Grime will be one of the main acts at a festival in the West Country later this year. Wiley has been announced as an act at Bestival. He joins the likes of The xx, Pet Shop Boys, Dizzee Rascal, Jamie T and A Tribe Called Quest in the line-up. Bestival announced this morning (March 23) a series of new acts who will be performing between September 7 and September 10 at the Lulworth Estate in Dorset. Rob da Bank, a co-founder of Bestival, said: We are proud...
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EVERY journey begins with a single step. So was my 42.195km journey – my maiden full marathon. I have been running regularly. What started off some fi ve years ago as casual running to keep fit eventually became a passion. Soon enough, this passion led me to signing up for running events with races ranging from 5km to 30km. Last year, I took part in over 30 such events, including fun runs, trail runs and obstacle course races. Ten of these events were half-marathons (21km). I would not say I am the best or fastest runner among the lot – I just run at my own pace, hoping to do my best to complete the runs. Sometime late last year, my friends and running mates, who either joined me in some of these runs or were aware of my activities, challenged me to take my running to the next leveljoining a full marathon. After thinking about it deeply, I picked the full marathon category at the Twincity Marathon 2017, which took place in Cyberjaya on Jan 15.
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Independent Leicester cinema, Phoenix, is offering young adults the chance to see some cut-price cinema.Those aged 18-30 will be able to claim tickets for just £3 until the end of the month.All the cinema is asking that in return, cinema-goers fill out a short survey after their film ends.Read more: McDonald's Monopoly is back for 2017: everything you need to knowPatrick Welsh, Marketing Manager at Phoenix, said: By offering tickets at less than half price, we're encouraging young...
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Rob Leane Kirsten Howard Mar 23, 2017 Director David Lynch has dished up some typically odd tidbits in a new interview ahead of Twin Peaks third season premiere... So eager are we to return to the bizarre town of Twin Peaks that we recently noted "in a week, we'll be able to say Twin Peaks starts next month." See related Looking back at Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Of course, we're still technically two months away from those new episodes, but saying it that way makes it seem further away. And we can't have that. In the meantime, everyone involved with the new season has kept virtually silent on what we can expect when Twin Peaks returns, including the actors involved, the Showtime network that commissioned its return, and co-creator David Lynch. Even in a new interview with GQ , the director didn't give anything away, but he still had a few fascinating things to say about the way his actors had to play the game on set, and it turns out they were fairly in the dark before they arrived for each day's shoot - literally - as their scripts were usually filled with blacked-out pages.
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FERNANDO ALONSO might not be able to stomach the humiliation of being lapped by F1’s front-runners in 2017 and could walk away from McLaren-Honda to avoid it, according to one ex-driver.
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Esteban Ocon confirmed he did not lose any weight in response to Force India's concerns over the performance of its car.
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The habitual consumption of chocolate, a four-day weekend or a religious festival, whatever Easter means to you, you are probably beginning to wonder when it is? Easter and the holidays related to it are known as moveable feasts, as the exact date is determined on a lunisolar calendar similar to the Hebrew calendar. There are two ways to work out Easter Sunday. The first method is to look for the first Sunday following the ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or soonest after March 21....
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Richard Goodwin 23/03/2017 - 9:32am The Microsoft SPRING SALE is happening RIGHT NOWBIG savings to be had on Surface Pro Windows 10 laptops I’ll admit this to you right now: I had no idea, until very recently, just how well stocked the Microsoft Store was with goodies. I knew it existed but I just figured it’d be Microsoft stuffconsoles, Surfaces and the like. I was wrong, though. The Microsoft Store has all kinds of Windows-powered gadgets and gizmos inside it and right now there is a rather epic Spring Sale on the go which sees hundreds of dollars knocked off the price of things like the Surface Pro 4. Time For An Upgrade? If you’re running an older laptop and fancy an upgrade, you should definitely check out some of the deals Microsoft has running for its Surface Pro 4 machines – you can get $200 of the RRP in some cases. The Surface Pro 5 is expected to land in the not too distant future and what an update that will be! However – the Surface Pro 5, being new and shiny, will be rather expensive.
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of the quality of that research and I am sure that that will continue. With permission, I will answer questions three and four together. The World Trade Organisation agreement on trade facilitation entered into force on the 22nd of every 2017. Once two thirds of WTO members had accepted the agreement. This.
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The Palace of Westminster is in lock down at the moment after gunshots have been heard outside. House of Commons proceedings have been suspended and police have allegedly shot a man outside the Parliament buildings. Shaky video of commotion after Parliament shooting. pic.twitter.com/ofGZwcMgaA Patrick Daly (@thepatrickdaly) March 22, 2017 MPs have been told to stay inside the chamber until further notice. A helicopter has landed in the Westminster estate to tend to an...
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Fernando Alonso says McLaren and Honda need to 'change gear' in response to their troubles ahead of the 2017 Formula 1 season
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HHS Secretary Tom Price has made it crystal clear that his department will keep using its regulatory powers to further scale back what he regards as a failed and intrusive legislation. “We’re taking action to improve choices for patients, stabilize the individual and small-group insurance markets, and expand access to more affordable coverage,” Price said in a statement this week, linking to a new HHS memo touting the regulatory steps already underway. One of the earliest and most significant moves came in late January before Price was even confirmed. The administration clawed back millions of dollars in pre-paid TV advertisements for HealthCare.gov , in the crucial final days of the 2017 sign-up period. HHS at the time said it wanted to cut excessive spending. But those final days of open enrollment are a critical time for outreach, particularly for younger and healthier people who sign up right before the deadline.
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