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Anonymizer is a popular US-based service that has been protecting the privacy of its users for more than 20 years. The Anonymizer website lists some appealing features: it works on just about every platform, theres absolutely no logging, plus support for up to 6 devices. It's not so up-front with the list of locations, probably because there are only two: San Diego and Amsterdam. Want to try Anonymizer? Check out the website here The service offers what it calls a 14-day trial with no payment details required, but there's a catch. You can only use the Amsterdam server, which is no help at all if you'll mostly be connecting to San Diego. Anonymizer does give you the security of a 45-day money-back guarantee, but even that is spoiled by another catch. There's no single month payment option where you can try the service at minimal cost, so you must pay a year up-front for $6.
Dover Express
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Thanet Vikings Table Tennis Club has arranged for England's Number 1 player, Paul Drinkhall, to come down for a full session to show off his talents and coach local players.Head Coach of Thanet Vikings, Simon Hillier said We are absolutely delighted. For some time now Table Tennis nationally has been steadily growing and in areas like London it has even been becoming hip and trendy, with social venues and celebrities joining in! But what this shows is that it's not just in areas like...
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LONDON The reviews of T2 Trainspotting were always going to be a bit mixed. Danny Boyle's original film is such an iconic piece of cinema that a sequel was always likely to divide people. The good news, though, is that critics don't seem to be as divided as we might expect. SEE ALSO: The Trainspotting 2' trailer is here and it's everything we'd hoped for Firstly, there don't seem to be many bad reviews. All the ones we've highlighted below range from three to five stars, and even the three star ones have found plenty of positives to take away. Read more... Robbie Collin, The Telegraph . Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian . More about Uk , Danny Boyle , Ewan Mcgregor , Reviews , and Trainspotting
How Sweet It Is
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NEW FAVORITE DINNER ALERT! Sorry to shout. It's just SO good. Winter food at it's finest! For a long time, carbonara was my home alone meal. My single girl meal, which just meant that I made it when Eddie was traveling or out for dinner without me. I figured he would NEVER go for carbonara because there isnt chicken or steak or another kind of meat aside from crumbled bacon. THEN. One day (or night), I had no idea what to make for dinner and was asking him for suggestions. This is usually a huge fail because if Eddie has just eaten, he can’t see to his next meal. His go-to answer is, “I just ate, I’m not hungry, so I dont know what I want.” (Even if 31 minutes later he is STARVING OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING.) That’s also one of the reasons that menu planning can be tough in our house because he prefers not to commit to five different kinds of meals in one day, but I can handle that.
The Sun Daily
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Scenes are either framed as if they are based on a description, or are shot with so many cuts that they feel like flashes of short sentences. There are also a lot of closeups of MacDougal who shines even though he is standing alongside big stars such as Weaver – who surprised me with a passable English accent – as well as Neeson, Kebbell, and Jones. Whether you like the movie or not will hinge on how relatable the characters feel to you. For example, Conor can come off as a brat full of anger one minute and the next, as a child coping with sadness that is heavy beyond his years to bear. For fans of this children fantasy book-turned-movie, A Monster Calls hits all the familiar notes – like the same four-chord progression that makes up a pop song. As the credit rolls, I feel this would have been better left as a book for children and young adults to understand the realities of life through reading its story. Watch the trailer here :
Digital Trends
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Asus released several smartphones under the Zenfone 3 name during 2016 and even early 2017, but rumors are spreading it'll replace the range with new Zenfone 4 devices in May 2017. Here's what we think we know about them so far. The post Rumor says Asus is plotting high-specification Zenfone 4 range for 2017 appeared first on Digital Trends .
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Nicole Kobie 15 min 6 sec ago Life Culture The ascension of Donald Trump to the presidential hot seat is enough to worry even the calmest soul that the apocalypse is nigh. Be it nuclear armageddon, a Russia-sparked world war, or a plague of tangerine zombies, such disaster scenarios somehow now seem plausible. With the inauguration looming, there’s never been a better time to turn “prepper” and follow the lead of survivalists making ready for apocalypse by storing food supplies and preparing a “bug-out bag” for when the shit hits the fan (SHTF). There are a few items common on bug-out bag listsrope, knives, rain poncho, long-lasting food, water – that you should surely include, although there’s debate over exactly what to bring, as it depends on where you live and your own personal preferences. But alongside keeping fed and fending off thieves, we’d also like to stay connectedlife without the internet simply isnt worth living, and if Trump is going to spark a real-life disaster movie, we’d like to monitor the end of days via his Twitter stream (“Zombies made up.
The Huffington Post
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Google Fit is an excellent app for keeping track of your activity and you don't need any additional fitness trackers; you can just carry your Android phone around with you. If you do have Android Wear-compatible fitness trackers and wearables, then Google Fit gets even better, as it can gather data from them, displaying it all in one place. Fitness goals for dailys step counts, calories burned, or time or distance of exercise can also be set to help you reach the level of fitness you desire, as well as keeping you motivated. Map My Fitne ss Workout Trainer is another great app for keeping tabs on your workout regime. As the name suggests it uses the GPS positioning features of your Android smartphone to log your runs, letting you get an accurate look at your workout regime. Voice feedback will keep you in the loop even when you're in the process of working out, giving you information on your pace, the route you're taking, calories burned and plenty more.
Voice Of America
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Ottawa, Illinois The corn will not be planted in the flatlands of Illinois until April, so there is a lot of time now to think and talk about the change in administrations. Farmer Monty Whipple tills fields that were once worked by his father and uncle about 12 miles (19 kilometers) from Ottawa. But the game has changed in recent years and depends more on trade. So while Whipple voted for Trump, he did so as a last resort: "We export a lot of our produce, whether it's grain or even the meats, and [the] livestock industry relies a lot on exports. He's come down heavily against some of our trade agreements that we've put together in the past — NAFTA and so on." Farm insurance agent Robert Hasty described himself as more Republican than Democrat but could not bring himself to vote for Trump. Hasty said he was politically conservative but found himself becoming socially liberal.
Smashing Magazine
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What fuels your work? What fuels your mind? What do you do on a non-productive day or when you’re sad? Nowadays, I try to embrace these times. I try to relax and not be angry at myself for not being productive. And the fun fact about it? Well, most of the times when I could convince my mind that not being productive is nothing to feel bad about, things take a sudden turn: I get my ideas back, my productivity rises and, in effect, I even achieve more work than on an average day. It’s important to try to be human. The post Web Development Reading List #166: Efficient Docker, CSP Learnings, And JavaScript’s Global Object appeared first on Smashing Magazine .
Voice Of America
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Creating a Palestinian state proved stubbornly elusive, despite the appointment of a special envoy and repeated efforts to restart peace talks. The Guantanamo prison remained open even as the U.S. transferred out hundreds of detainees. And across the region, new wars flared up — from Syria in 2011 to Yemen in 2015. "The outcomes of the eight years ... are not very positive," Baharoon said. Popularity dipped With the region engulfed in war, Obama's popularity among Muslims dipped even as it soared elsewhere. A June 2015 Pew Research Center survey found that less than 50 percent of Turks, 36 percent of Lebanese, 15 percent of Palestinians, and 14 percent of Jordanians and Pakistanis approved of Obama's handling of global affairs. There were some notable exceptions, including several Muslim majority African nations as well as Malaysia and Indonesia, where Obama spent his early childhood and remains popular.
Sky News
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Do you see some of those positives, even though you are a democrat? I see the language being positive, that there is a part of America that feels left behind and forgotten by politicians.
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Did you know you can play drums without drums? All you need is a VR headset and an app called Paradiddle (drummers will know), currently in development by musician Emre Tanirgan. To show off his creation, Tanirgan recored himself playing alongside the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" in virtual reality, and even though he's technically just waving his hands in the air, it sounds pretty awesome. SEE ALSO: Hidden history of virtual reality According to UploadVR , Tanirgan started developing Paradiddle as he simply didn't have space for his drum set. "I was no longer going to have easy access to a drum set to practice, so I figured I could try and make my own set in VR," he said. Read more... More about Virtual Reality , Drumming , Drums , Htc Vive , and Oculus Rift
TIME - Top Stories
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Trump promised during the campaign to reverse many of Obamas executive orders and restore some from the George W. Bush days that Obama scrapped. But even top Republicans have not been able to glean specifics and are likely to find out at the same time the public does. Trump campaigned in broad promises to Make America Great Again, a phrase he ©ed, as well as to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. Questions about the specifics seldom drew answers; his supporters were willing to project their views and protect their candidate. The fury of an America First agenda powered him to the highest office in the land and is likely to be the gist of Trumps first speech as President. Its up to Trump to chart that course now. There really is no turning back.
BBC Parliament
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Because surely, even within the laws that stood at the time, surely somebody shouldn't and could be dismissed simply for going into a known gay establishment. How on earth could that possibly be reasonable grounds for dismissal? It's absolutely ludicrous, but that's what happened to that able seaman, and I think it's an absolute travesty that he lost his career in the Royal Navy over that.
BBC News 24
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Britain hasn't had too many to the fourth round of slam since not that long ago but the father of Tomic said Dan Evans was even good enough to practice with somebody is good enough now. He will soon be into the world's top 50. Andy Murray showed little sign of the ankle problem he picked up in the last round as he breezed past Sam Querrey at the Australian Open.
BBC Parliament
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He said, why are ministers even asking the military. The hidden agenda of those who want to change policy, it is to steam roller the experience and the wishes of the military. And that was reported by my climate of service life.
Sputnik International
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Reclassifying the mesentery, a structure in the digestive system, as an organ presents the possibility that other parts of the body may be reclassified, even the beer belly, German anatomist Ulrich Foelsch told Sputnik.
The Sun Daily
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This has already happened, e.g., with solar panels and wind turbines from China, raising the costs of renewable energy, and thus undermining the global warming mitigation effort. To be sure, WTO trade remedy rules have long been widely abused for protectionist purposes. A country can impose high tariffs on an imported item from another country by claiming its price has been artificially depressed or subsidized by the government in order to export – or 'dump' – them at a price lower than the domestic price. No deterrent is imposed against the offending country even if a WTO dispute settlement panel rules that the ostensibly anti-dumping tariff-raising action was wrongly taken, even though the exporting country has lost considerable export earnings in the interim. Furthermore, similar actions can be repeated without impunity with no threat of penalty.
BBC News 24
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His supporters want him to be the kind of man he is. The trouble is, his opponents do not. unpredictability, uncertainty and change in foreign policy. I think Nato leaders will be very keen for him to make clear that he is a supporter of Nato, even though he has trashed it in recent remarks. They will also be looking at how closely he cosies up particular context.
BBC Parliament
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They may not actually realise that things like the Equality Act of 2010 have superseded it. Even though strictly speaking, it would make any practical difference in that sense, for those reasons, it is worth supporting.
Sky News
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It is going to be the last time that President Obama and his wife Michelle will be the hosts. It is incredible to think of them meeting, after Donald Trump questioning the legitimacy of President Obama was birth for so many years. And President Obama saying that Donald Trump could not be trusted with nuclear codes, as he cannot even handle his Twitter account.