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Following her ordeal, Susan was granted a refugee visa and now lives in Sydney with her children. Campaigners estimate that around 3000 people children. Campaigners estimate that around 3000 people could be enslaved in Australia. Phil Mercer, BBC News, Sydney. A foreign diplomat in Delhi is raising awareness about the city's high pollution levels in a unique manner. Melba Pria, the Mexican ambassador to Delhi, has been using an auto rickshaw instead of a car to drive around the city.
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Mexico's ambassador in India has been making news for her unusual choice of official vehicle. Instead of swanky cars, Melba Pria travels around Delhi in a white auto-rickshaw, which bears her country's flag and a diplomatic number plate. See also: India's Ola Cabs introduces electric rickshaws on its app Pria has said that she chose the auto-rickshaw because it is "the most efficient means of transport" and also less polluting. The compact three-wheeler runs on CNG, like thousands of other autos running across Delhi. It was bought in India, and then remodelled and spray-painted in a floral design by visiting Mexican street artist Senkoe. Read more... More about Ambassador , India , Mexico , Conversations , and Lifestyle
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