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Thousands of people march to demand Spain's government to increase its efforts to take in refugees who have fled the war in Syria and other violent conflicts in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017. Spain has taken in just 1,100 refugees of the over 17,000 it has pledged to accept. Banner reads in Catalan: Enough Excuses! Take Them In Now!. (AP/Manu Fernandez) BARCELONA, Spain (REPORT) — At least 160,000 protesters marched Saturday in Barcelona to demand that Spain's conservative-led government increase its efforts to take in refugees from war-torn countries like Syria. Spain has accepted just 1,100 refugees of the over 17,000 it has pledged to take in. Marchers held a large banner and signs in Catalan with the slogans Enough Excuses! Take Them In Now! and No More Deaths, Open The Borders! as they made their way through the city center to its Mediterranean coast.
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Some 359 African migrants broke through the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta early on Monday, in a second mass push after about 500 migrants breached the fence on Friday. More than 1,400 migrants are now waiting in the North African enclave to be processed, Ceuta authorities said, adding that tents had been requested to house the latest arrivals. They must now wait to be transferred to the mainland to have their papers processed. Most are likely to be returned to Morocco or their country of origin. Ceuta authorities said around 600 people had attempted to break into the enclave on Monday using wire cutters and blunt weapons, at the same location as on Friday. Three people were hospitalized with serious injuries, including two police officers, after the rush to jump the six-meter, barbed-wire fence that surrounds Ceuta, the authorities said.
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Neymar, Barcelona and Santos will stand trial on fraud and corruption charges over the transfer of the Brazilian forward after their appeals were turned down by Spain's High Court on Monday.
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Around 150 protesters marched from the Catalan city of Girona and nearby Celra to Castell de Sant Miquel, Monday morning, to protest military manoeuvers organised by the Spanish Ministry of Defence taking place in the area. The governing body of Celra approved a motion rejecting Spanish military presence in the municipality in November last year. Despite this, a reported 80 soldiers and four light all-terrain trucks were deployed in the area for training exercises. SOT, Joan Oloriz, Member of Congress (Spanish): "At the time we are living in, we think that more common sense and more respect for democracy is needed. Democracy is based on municipalities, autonomy and the state, but based above all else on the municipalities. That an alcadel, a municipality, by an absolute majority decides a thing cannot be violated by a simple order. We hope that this is rectified.
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Researchers from the University of Burgos (Spain) have developed a fluorescent polymer that lights up in contact with mercury that may be present in fish. High levels of the metal were detected in samples of swordfish and tuna. According to the conclusions of another Spanish study, mercury exposure is linked to reduced foetal and placental growth in pregnant women.
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With Leicester City set to take on Sevilla in the last 16 of the Champions League on Wednesday, we take a closer look at the Premier League champions' Spanish opponents. History Sevilla is the oldest football club in Spain, originating in 1890, however there is fierce debate between their fans and supporters of rivals Recreativo de Huelva as to who should hold that title. Recreativo was founded a year earlier, in 1889, by two Scottish miners but played its first football match in Spain...
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Some 300 migrants stormed the border between Morocco and Spain at Ceuta on Monday, authorities said, days after hundreds more forced their way over the frontier.
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A number of the gentle fish spend their winter months off the coasts of Spain, Portugal and North Africa.
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Brexit, migration and climate pressures mean our ‘too big to failglobal food chain could unravel The UK’s clock has been set to Permanent Global Summer Time once more after a temporary blip. Courgettes, spinach and iceberg lettuce are back on the shelves, and the panic over the lack of imported fruit and vegetables has been contained. “As you were, everyone,” appears to be the message. But why would supermarkets – which are said to have lost sales worth as much as £8m in January thanks to record-breaking, crop-wrecking snow and rainfall in the usually mild winter regions of Spain and Italy – be so keen to fly in substitutes from the US at exorbitant cost? Related: Food waste is a scandal, but to blame it on millennials is nonsense | Nell Frizzell During the 90s there was a 90% increase in the movement of agricultural and food products between the UK and Europe Related: UK fishermen may not win waters back after Brexit, EU memo reveals Continue reading...
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The Red Cross said 350 migrants crossed the fence into a Spanish territory in North Africa early Monday, only three days after 500 more managed to break the gates
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LONDON: Manchester City and Monaco go into Tuesday's Champions League showdown each pinning their hopes on short, left-footed midfield creators from the Iberian peninsula who go by the name of Silva. Monaco's Silva is Bernardo, a 22-year-old Portuguese winger whose knack for decisive goals has made him a central figure in their free-scoring surge to the Ligue 1 summit. Nine years older but no less influential is City's Silva, elegant Spain international David, whose enduring brilliance has enabled him to remain a vital cog in Pep Guardiola's fast-evolving team. "Amazing," was the word Guardiola employed when he was asked to describe Silva's performance in City's most recent Premier League game, a 2-0 win at Bournemouth. English football has proved more resistant to Guardiola's methods than many expected, but Silva has helped to uphold the old Barcelona tenet that if the opponent cannot get the ball, they cannot hurt you.
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Press TV- Iran has reported a major rise in exports of crude oil to France in January – an announcement that comes as the country is already expanding the list of its European oil clients. Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum in a press release as reported by the domestic media announced that Iran’s oil exports to France over the past month had increased by 70,000 barrels per day (bpd) to reach 180,000 bpd. The figure showed an increase of 61 percent compared to December 2016. The French energy giant Total handles the bulk of imports of crude oil from Iran. Last year, it sealed a deal with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) to import at least 160,000 bpd of Iran’s oil. Total was among the first European companies to sign an oil purchase deal with Iran after the removal of sanctions against the country early last year. Several other European companies that also sealed post-sanctions deals to buy oil from Iran include Royal Dutch Shell (The Netherlands/Britain), Saras and Iplom (Italy), Repsol (Spain) and Hellenic Petroleum (Greece).
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A storm sweeping across the south of Spain caused overnight flash flooding in the city of Malaga, where residents woke up on Sunday to survey the damages to infrastructure and property. Spain's weather agency, Aemet, said 153 liters of rain per square meter had fallen in the Andalusian city. Local emergency services reported over 200 incidents but confirmed that no-one had been killed or injured during the adverse weather conditions. They did report, however, an incident where a roof partially collapsed at an events arena during a concert. Malaga, which was founded by the Phoenicians, has ...
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