5 months
Musical instrument makers (Lutherie) use a bench that's pretty much the same as a cabinetmaker's bench, but the work is lighter overall, and the glue pot is indicative that instruments are mostly glued together rather than joined like furniture. There is a small planing stop on the bench, and of course precisely planing wood is an important part of the job. Wood engravers don't need a fancy bench, just something that will clamp the work on the surface. Here we see a holdfast and the dogholes to put it in, nothing else. The case maker's bench (for making briefcases/suitcases and the like) is pretty simple, as cases aren't very heavy. So this is a light-duty bench with a single leg vise. This bench is shown several times in the Encyclopedia, once in a workshop illustration but twice as a detail, in the joinery section and in the cabinetmaking and marquetry section.