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For a while, it was beginning to look like Android Wear 2.0's delays would turn it into Android Wear 3.0, but after a leak last week revealed that Google was planning to release it in early February, a new rumor pins a date on the long-awaited update. According to serial Android leaker Evan Blass , Google is targeting Feb. 9 as the release date for Android Wear 2.0, bringing a bunch of features that were first announced at Google I/O in May, including Android Pay support, third-party complications (the fancy term for customizable faces), and integration with Google Assistant. Nearly 20 watches are currently on the list of devices ready to take advantage of the update, including popular models from Huawei, Motorola, and LG: To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
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The flower design gives it an elegant finish, and runs along the bottom as well as the top, and as with most jewelry-like cases, this one has holes, so you can see the Fitbit’s display. It’s distinctly feminine and wont be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s one of the more premium Fitbit Flex bands around, and a great choice if you want to wear your Flex somewhere fancy or formal. After a new fitness tracker? These are the best fitness bands 2017
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Despite not finding enough talent to put contestants on TV in previous years, the X Factor will be returning to Yeovil on the hunt for the next Olly Murs and Little Mix. The X Factor will be coming to the Quedam Shopping Centre in Yeovil on Sunday, January 29 for open auditions.The auditions will be held in the town centre - the exact location is yet to be confirmed - from 10am to 5pm.So if you fancy yourself as the next Leona Lewis all you need to do is apply now at
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Doesn't want to do what he did in the previous frame. Nice little nudge to get the pink into the action as well. Increasing his positional possibilities. You have to fancy him from this position, Denis.
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Fancy attending or putting your house up for auction? Nottingham has its fair share of auction houses with February the prime time for sales; there are three scheduled. Here's a quick round up. Entries are now being invited to SDL Graham Penny's next Nottingham auction, which will be held on Thursday, February 2, at Nottingham Racecourse. In 2016 SDL Graham Penny raised more than £70m in sales for its customers across the East Midlands. Auctioneer Andrew Parker, said:...
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Jobseekers have the chance to earn £45 an hour cleaning someone's house but there's a catch.A company naked Naturist Cleaners offers naked cleaning services for the nudist community, believing in the liberty of the true human form and the serenity of a spotlessly cleaned home.Bosses say there is nothing smutty about it, there is absolutely no sexual element to the business.If you don't fancy cleaning in your birthday suit, you can do it clothed but the client...
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One design directive for the RF was greater refinement, without sacrificing practicality. To achieve this, there's a three-layer headlining, thicker floor mats and extra sound deadening stuffed anywhere that was found to be leeching noise, vibration and harshness into the cabin: notably the gearlever surround, rear wheel arches, doors and engine compartment.Yet with its fancy roof installation up or down, it'll swallow two travel suitcases just like the soft-top.
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On other fronts, however, it's less than ideal. Like the TS-451+, the design is more functional than fancy, but the metallic chassis transmits more drive noise. The drives aren't so easy to fit, partly because the clip mechanism that holds them into their hot-swap caddies is awkward, and partly because the instructions don't cover installation. The Thecus Setup Wizard used to locate your drive across the network is similarly basic, and by default put our unit on a separate network segment so that we couldn't see it from our workstation. Oddly, the RAID setup defaults to a JBOD configuration rather than the more conventional RAID0 or RAID1. Things don't get much better once you get it up and running. Thecus provides a huge range of options for advanced users and a decent selection of add-on modules to download and install, but the control panels are complex, jargon-heavy and intimidating.
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It was cold and pouring outside as the Uber pulled up at 180 Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco. Inside, a man dressed all in black offered to take my jacket and umbrella as he ushered me through the clinical white lobby to a set of chairs, handing me a bottle of VOSS. I scanned the room, eyeing a bunch of connected fitness tools and fancy skin serums on a glass table in the front, Read More
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This time around he specifically mentioned that Apples 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro (the cheapest model) would be discounted, moving in to take the place of the same sized MacBook Air. The analyst also noted that the 12-inch MacBook will get Kaby Lake processors this year, with refreshed models going into mass production early in the second quarter (April), presumably for an earlier launch than the MacBook Pro. Kuo further said that the RAM on these laptops has been boosted with a 16GB option being introduced (the previous maximum was 8GB). Dont fancy a MacBook anyway? Here are the best alternatives
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You’ll be excused if you havent heard or dont remember the Devon GTX, a supercar created by Devon Motorworks back in 2009. Read more »
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A bovine visitor took a fancy to a neighbourhood swimming pool and couldn't resist an early morning dip.
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The Apprentice star Jessica entered the house on Friday with Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry as well as Kim Woodburn. But Jessica and Chloe came to blows in tonight’s episode as they fought over housemate Calum, both appearing to fancy the star. Chloe has made it pretty aware that she likes the US housemate, even trying to kiss him while drunk. After Jessica told Chloe she fancied him too, the girls clashed as she appeared to flirt with him while Chloe was watching. Jessica ...
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5. Make It Your Primary Form Of Socialization As cool and connective as social media may be it never has and never will trump in-person socialization. Just as you make sure to make time to regularly check your news feed, make sure to make even more time to connect with people in person. 6. Post Things Solely To Get Attention/ Gain Approval Getting a like, comment, share, retweet, pin or any of the other fancy signs of approval can always be a pleasant experience, especially when it comes in response to a very genuine post. The issue I’d like to bring our attention to is when we specifically choose to post things with the sole purpose of hoping to get attention or to gain approval. I’m not trying to be the post police here, since I’m sure several posts scattered across my own social media account could come across in this way. The intention is to get us all to reflect on our true motivation behind things, and rather than always look externally for something to make us feel better, to instead look internally and hopefully learn to love ourselves for who we are regardless of whether or not anyone else agrees.
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So, we were named after the bad guys? Although we were not as well off as virtually all of my friends, somehow my parents managed to cobble together one hell of a childhood for me and my sister. Thanks to my dad's clever bartering system with his other Loman buddies in the clothing business, he traded high-end, deerskin and mink-lined gloves for say, cashmere and mohair sweaters for us. I went to summer camp too. For 13 years. I'm guessing that my folks paid it off week by week, day by day, not only without complaint but without us ever knowing how they managed to pull that off. We went on family vacations to Washington D.C. and through all the New England states. Sure, my friends had their own bedrooms, fancy cars, and even fancier parents. But we were a solid clan who actually had a secret whistle that we performed whenever one of us was approaching the gathered troops.
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Datsuns don't have fancy insulation, in fact, they even have a warning light about floor temperature, and when you drive hard for long periods of time, in 35+ Celsius....let's just say that the Coca Cola I had resting in my ashtray was boiling at some point. By the time we reached Germany, the brakes would squeak bad and hardly work. When the car got hot, after a few hours of driving at highway speed, the steering wheel would need a lot of force to turn, because of some bushings that were almost gone and what remained of it would expand too much from the heat. Other than that, we made it there safe. What did you love about your trip? What's not to love?! We drove from Cork, Ireland, on some nice Irish back roads, to the ferry in Roslare, Ireland. We spent 17 hours on the boat, and at the end of those we were in France. Endless clear blue sky, gas stations where you could smell freshly baked bread, with good roads and clean parking lots, where people are aware of your car and try not to park too close to it.
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-- in Havant. Altogether 30 of the Navy's Merlin helicopters will be modified to carry the new Crowsnest radar. Fancy a change of career? The money's good and the hours reasonable. Southern Railway, which is enduring months of strikes, has launched a recruitment drive for 200 drivers. It comes amid a new row about whether the drivers' union has changed its attitude to what's called Driver Only Operation.
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Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue) Buy now Nintendo Switch review (hands-on): Switchin’ it up Nintendo Switch’s big sell is its versatility. Where the Wii U allowed you to play games directly on the GamePad’s display, Switch puts the entire console into the palm of your hands. In that regard, it’s no different to a handheld console like the PlayStation Vitaalbeit a little bigger. Essentially, Switch is a portable home console, but the trouble it has to face is being thought of as a handheld gaming device that just so happens to plug into your TV – rather than the other way around. Regardless of how you perceive it, Nintendo intends the Switch to be a truly flexible gaming device. If you want a more traditional gaming experience, dropping Switch into its TV dock and grabbing a controller gives you exactly that. If someone else wants to use the TV, or you just fancy taking it on the road, you can just pick it up and keep playing instantly.
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49pm If you don't want to pay anything up front this iPhone 6 deal ensures you'll get a free phone. Along with a 16GB handset there's also 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and a nice 2GB of data thrown into the mix. With a monthly outlay of 33.49 this is an affordable deal. The total cost over 24 months is 803.76 Get this iPhone 6 deal: direct from Carphone Warehouse iPhone 6 64GB | FREE upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 10GB data | 40.99pm Fancy for internal space for your music, movies and games? There's good news as this 64GB iPhone 6 deal doesn't require you to pay anything up front, and the monthly cost is 40.99. It gives you unlimited minutes and texts plus a whopping 10GB of data - make no mistake, this is a great offer. Total cost over 24 months is 983.76 Get this iPhone 6 deal: direct from e2save Best iPhone 6 deals on O2 The network with extras like O2 Priority iPhone 6 16GB | 119.
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