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WELL-heeled pensioners with a taste for the finer things in life can move into a luxury care home - with its own chauffeur, piano bar, cinema and personal chef.
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What about the heat? See related Best hair dryers: The best hair dryers from £20 to £300 Best electric toothbrush: The best brushes from £30 Many women seek out straighteners with the highest temperature setting, then turn them up full whack, assuming it will straighten their hair more quickly and give a more lasting result. But higher heats can frazzle and even break finer hair, and even thick or curly hair types only need slightly higher temperatures. It’s worth noting that your hair’s keratin starts to melt at 233 degrees. The best hair straighteners have technology that identifies your hair’s characteristics and then automatically sets it to the perfect temperature. If you have one that needs adjusting manually, the general rule is that for fine or treated hair, the temperature should be set around 160ºC, otherwise you risk damaging your hair and less frizzy ends.
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Particularly help step families and things where parents do not get on. They are on our website. Talk to them about the finer details. But do it slowly, because she said her son gets really anxious and he is under 10. The last thing you want to do is pressuring him.
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I’m a big fan of BMW, so when they finally rolled the new 5 Series onto their show floor in Detroit this week, I was super stoked to check it out. Of course, I had to stay behind the velvet rope until after their press conference and all of that, but once that was done, Bimmer lifted the ropes and let your boy in to check out all of the finer details of its new 5 Series Sedan. While the cabin was spacious and the tablets for rear seat passengers were cool, what really interested me was the navigation system up front. Most stock navigation systems are pretty much the same these days, and maybe other models have the same functions, but BMW’s was insanely fast and responsive and was actually able to work under the metal roof and beams of the Cobo Center in Detroit. The initial display is pretty basic – it’s your normal birds-eye view of the area with a little blip showing your exact location, but zooming in gives you a mildly 3D representation of the area around you.
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Apple today has honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a full-page tribute on its website. A photo of Dr. King is accompanied by a quote of his: "Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in." Apple CEO Tim Cook also tweeted a photo of Dr. King and said "we honor [him] by working to help achieve justice and equality." We honor #MLK by working to help achieve justice and equality. We may have all come on different ships, but were in the same boat now.” Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 16, 2017 Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States to commemorate Dr. King's accomplishments around his birthday. The iconic Civil Rights Movement leader would have turned 88 years old on Sunday. Tags: Tim Cook , Martin Luther King Jr Discuss this article in our forums
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A great-grandfather who carried out unique work for the Dover Transport Museum has died.Roy Pickard Morrish was best known at the museum for sharing his Romany heritage with school children at the museum and restoring a caravan. His daughter Caroline Hughes said: He was a kind man who would fix everything for the grandchildren. They'd always go to him and say 'Grandpa it's broken' but he'd taught us all to not look at the bigger picture and work on the finer details. We never...
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File-based encryption better isolates and protects individual users and profiles on a device by encrypting data at a finer granularity. Each profile is encrypted using a unique key that can only be unlocked by your PIN or password, so that your data can only be decrypted by you. Encryption support is getting stronger across the Android ecosystem as well. Starting with Marshmallow, all capable devices were required to support encryption. Many devices, like Nexus 5X and 6P also use unique keys that are accessible only with trusted hardware, such as the ARM TrustZone. Now with 7.0 Nougat, all new capable Android devices must also have this kind of hardware support for key storage and provide brute force protection while verifying your lock screen credential before these keys can be used. This way, all of your data can only be decrypted on that exact device and only by you.
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A Melbourne mother has revealed the things to expect when you become a mum. Tina Pik, who writes the blog Hangry by Nature, went in to the finer details of childbirth and bodily changes.
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Woody Harrelson is officially joining the cast of the upcoming Star Wars standalone film centered around a young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) , and Mashable got a chance to talk to the Hunger Games star soon after the casting news broke on Wednesday. Details about Harrelson's Star Wars role are scarce, but the actor confirmed rumors that he'll be playing "a mentor to Han," telling Mashable that his character is "also a bit of a criminal." Much as Obi-Wan Kenobi schooled Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force, perhaps Harrelson's character will tutor the young Han Solo in the finer points of being a smuggling scoundrel. Read more... More about Alden Ehrenreich , Star Wars , Han Solo , Woody Harrelson , and Entertainment
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If you're hankering for more, IAP lets you bolt on a number of extras from the paid version of PCalc, such as additional themes, dozens more conversions, alternate calculator layouts, a virtual paper tape, and options for programmers and power users. Whereas most digital comic stores deluge you with content, Sequential has a slightly different take on the medium. It feels rather more upmarket, serious and considered, concentrating on interesting and often more thoughtful graphic novels, rather than individual issues of throwaway superhero fare. That probably all comes across like Sequential is a bit 'worthy'. But in reality it just means that whatever you spend your money on is likely to be of a high quality. The app itself is, fortunately, decent too, offering a strong reading experience for whatever's in your collection. We tend to quickly shift children from finger-painting to using much finer tools, but the iPad shows there's plenty of power in your digits if you're using the right app.
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Tap-hold anywhere on the map to get the current conditions, or switch to the climate view for averages. Google ads pop up every now and again, periodically obliterating the geekery, but are easily dismissed. We tend to quickly shift children from finger-painting to using much finer tools, but the iPad shows there's plenty of power in your digits if you're using the right app. Autodesk SketchBook provides all the tools you need for digital sketching, from basic doodles through to intricate and painterly masterpieces; and if you're wanting to share your technique, you can even time-lapse record to save drawing sessions to your camera roll. The core app is free, but it will cost you $3.99 / £2.99 to unlock the pro features. The description for Cove is rather noodly all about self-expression and creating soundtracks to capture your mood.
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Pocket and Instapaper have long battled it out for 'article scraper' king, but Pocket trumps its rival in appealing to iPad-owning cheapskates. Instapaper requires a purchase for iPad goodness, but Pocket is free. It's also very fast, offers tagging, includes a great original article/plain-text toggle, and has a vaguely Flipboard-like visual grid-based index. We've elsewhere mentioned Comics, but Sequential has a slightly different take on the medium. It's an altogether more upmarket affair, aimed at graphic novels and collections of sequential art that are supposed to be taken seriously. Therefore, this isn't so much everything but the kitchen sink, but a repository for a carefully curated selection of some of the best comics ever created. We tend to quickly shift children from finger-painting to using much finer tools, but the iPad shows there's plenty of power in your digits if you're using the right app.
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An email from Steinbach said he turned down Kennedy's request that the information be withheld solely under a FOIA provision for protection of law enforcement sources, rather than by classifying it. I explained to Mr. Kennedy that to only exempt for (b)(7)(D) was not appropriate as the information in the two portions in question was classified at the Secret/NOFORN level, Steinbach wrote. Even after that decision, the FBI got another high-level contact on the issue from State that same day, with Secretary of State John Kerry's chief of staff Jon Finer calling Jim Rybicki, then-deputy chief of staff to FBI Director James Comey. Finer...stated that he was not attempting to change [Steinbach's] classification decision, and said that he just wanted to make sure that FBI leadership was aware of the decision and the procedural process and media attention it would likely trigger, Rybicki wrote in an email to several colleagues.
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The other complication is the price, a high-end $12.99 (around 10.50, AU$17.70) paid monthly, $8.25 (around 6.70, AU$11.25) per month if you pay annually. Still, if you value quality over price that shouldn't be too much of a problem, and it's certainly worth investigating further. Privacy Reading VPN-related small-print is usually tedious in the extreme, but Buffered VPN's contract pages are refreshingly different, and a good example of how to present these details properly. For example, the terms of service page is a little long, but has clear and simple section titles: Your Basic Responsibilities, Data Privacy, Our Subscription Plan, Payment & Refunds and so forth make it easy to find what you need. The language used is straightforward, aimed at ordinary people rather than lawyers. And it clearly discusses details you actually want to know, instead of droning on about the finer points of the Hungarian legal code.
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If a series of leaked Qualcomm slides is to be believed, the company is targeting two big consumer priorities with the upcoming Snapdragon 835: lower power and better image quality. posted several slides which appear to show key details of the upcoming chip, which is expected to be unveiled this week at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Qualcomm has previously confirmed the presence of the 835 , as well as some of the performance benefits the finer 10-nm process brings with it. The chip giant has released few specifics of its architecture, however. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
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If she plans to fight again, that's a hurdle she'll have to overcome. Patrick Wyman is the Senior MMA Analyst for Bleacher Report and the co-host of the Heavy Hands Podcast , your source for the finer points of face-punching. For the history enthusiasts out there, he also hosts The Fall of Rome Podcast on the end of the Roman Empire. He can be found on Twitter and on Facebook .
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Benjamin Allan Sara, 32, and Darren Stripes' Mohr, 42, two of the men accused of trying to smuggle a ton of cocaine into Australia, seem to have a taste for the finer things in life.
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It’s a story about the human condition , about giving and receiving, using and getting used, neediness and greediness, although many finer points of the story are open to interpretation. Today, we’re rewinding the videotape to 1973, when Silverstein’s little book was turned into a 10 minute animated film. Silverstein narrates the story himself and also plays the harmonica. During the Cold War, one American was held in high regard in the Soviet Union, and that was Ray Bradbury. A handful of Soviet animators demonstrated their esteem for the author by adapting his short stories. Vladimir Samsonov directed Bradbury’s Here There Be Tygers , which you can see above. And here you can see another adaptation of “There Will Come Soft Rains.” The online bookseller Good Books created an animated mash-up of the spirits of Franz Kafka and Hunter S. Thompson.
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Troubled Demi Moore is still seeking a spiritual path for peace — and it seems to be leading straight to the front door of the Church of Scientology! Sources told exclusively that Moore has kicked Kabbalah to the curb and signed up for the controversial cult — despite the poor press it received following the Going Clear documentary and Leah Remini’ s damning accounts of her time in the church! PHOTOS: Demi Moore’s Star Style Evolution “Her mom was a Scientologist and Demi used to go to Scientology meetings,” a source told Radar. “But when she hooked up with Bruce [Willis], he banned her from going further.” PHOTOS: EXPOSED! Top 10 Most Shocking Celebrity Scientology Secrets & Scandals Still, after dating Sean Friday , the son of high-ranking church members, in 2016, Moore’s interest was reignited. And although the spark between the 54-year-old cougar and her boytoy fizzled, he still coaches her on the finer points of the so-called faith the source told Radar.
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CELTIC may never have made a trip to face Rangers at Ibrox in finer fettle.
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