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RCMP are looking for an armed robber who fled a Holdfast, Sask. bank with cash on Friday.
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Musical instrument makers (Lutherie) use a bench that's pretty much the same as a cabinetmaker's bench, but the work is lighter overall, and the glue pot is indicative that instruments are mostly glued together rather than joined like furniture. There is a small planing stop on the bench, and of course precisely planing wood is an important part of the job. Wood engravers don't need a fancy bench, just something that will clamp the work on the surface. Here we see a holdfast and the dogholes to put it in, nothing else. The case maker's bench (for making briefcases/suitcases and the like) is pretty simple, as cases aren't very heavy. So this is a light-duty bench with a single leg vise. This bench is shown several times in the Encyclopedia, once in a workshop illustration but twice as a detail, in the joinery section and in the cabinetmaking and marquetry section.
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.. Characters are introduced in bolded names that are tappable to tell the reader who they are; this biographical information can also be accessed in a glossary via the table of contents. Annotations are marked throughout with tappable crown icons and provide historical information, both fictional and nonfictional. After a holdfast is mentioned in the text, for instance, an annotation explains, A holdfast is a small, local fortressoften primitiveintended for the villagers or others in its area to take refuge in... In addition to illustrations throughout the text, the appendix includes 92 illustrated house sigils, nine house lineages, a detailed map of The Known World and marked trails of several main characters' journeys throughout the first novel. The enhanced edition comes at a poignant time for Martin: 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the first novel's publication, and as enhanced editions of the subsequent four novels in the series are released from October to March, anticipation will be growing for Martin to complete a draft of the long-anticipated sixth book in the series.
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Roots : It's a Different World For Snoop and Roland Martin "I wake up each day in a house built by slaves." -- First Lady Michelle Obama This week marked the airing of the much anticipated History Channel remake of Alex Haley's classic novel turned epic miniseries, Roots . Tapping rising Black box office savior, Will Packer to take the reins as producer, the movie chronicles the terrors faced by Kunta Kinte, a young Mandinka warrior savagely ripped from his home in Africa to meet a fate met by so many of our ancestors, the clutches of the Transatlantic slave trade. The film blossoms into a tale of Kunta's determination to reclaim his freedom, holdfast to his identity, as well as the journey and growth of the subsequent generations to derive from Kunta and his lineage as a new people in America, the African American, as they attempt to forge their way and stitch a place in the quilt of America's burgeoning identity as a nation, a slave nation.