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The beginning of Trump’s presidency has included numerous drastic policy initiatives, most in the form of executive orders. The orders come with little warning and with each comes an indication of another. The suspense has put the community of interest groups, who fight for progressive causes, on high alert. And the seemingly constant barrage of orders enacted rapidly with expansive implications has created yet another obstacle for activistsexhaustion. VICE News Correspondent Evan McMorris-Santoro checked in with some of the sleep deprived advocates prepared to mobilize at a moment’s notice to challenge what they consider unjust orders. Read: "Evangelical Christian groups are outraged at Trump's refugee ban" - Read: "Week four in Trump's America: Flynn resigns, more links to Russia, and a wild press conference" - http://bit.
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Rewind to March last year, and the town of Hebron in the occupied West Bank. On the ground is a Palestinian man called Abedel Fattah al-Sharif. Moments before, he and another Palestinian had stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier. The other man is dead, al-Sharif lies wounded and seemingly harmless.
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Optical illusion: There is something deceiving lurking in this seemingly ordinary picture of a couple on a lake, and once you see it, you can’t un-see it.
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Jeremy Calvert is back on the market after ex-fiancée Brooke Wehr accused him of cheating on her with multiple women, but has he already moved on with an old flame? Calvert revealed if he's back to dating Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer . The cheating accusations kicked off when Wehr posted a meme on Instagram of a man dancing with a woman that read, Yes my love, I love you. I swear I won't cheat on you tonight. She captioned the photo, Sounds about right. Too bad he f*****d the producer @mandi06 . She then added that he slept with two other women and only about 1,000 other people. PHOTOS: The Proof! Read The Sexy Texts Leah Messer’s Husband Jeremy Calvert Exchanged With Tattoo Model Melissa Marie Chelsea Houska s producer Mandi Venturino , who has worked as a segment producer for Messer in the past, seemingly denied the affair by tweeting , #Alternativefacts #fakenews.
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In a scathing ten-minute monologue on Late Night host Seth Meyers went in on the latest news from President Donald Trump. The host covered everything from his meatloaf dinner with Chris Christie to his comments on uranium at Thursday's press conference and his weekend rally in Florida when he seemingly referred to an act of terrorism in Sweden the night before, which saw the President tweeting later that he was in fact referring referring to a Fox News report on rising crime in that country. As he does so often, Trump transitioned from claiming that the media makes up fake stories to making up his own fake stories, Meyers joked. For example, in defending his executive order banning refugees, he made this mysterious claim about an incident that supposedly occurred on Friday night in Sweden . Meyers then cut to an excerpt from the rally.
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When it comes to storage we tend to think in terms of cabinets, cubbies, drawers or shelves. Those form factors are all predicated on having enough depth to be useful. But as we try to squeeze every last useful cubic inch out of our homes, we can use tip-out form factors to gain storage from shallow, otherwise unusable spaces. A prime example of this is in front of sinks, which are often faced with false drawer fronts. These seemingly scant inches of dead space can be filled with smaller items, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Your average bathtub is surrounded by a lot of potentially-useful dead space. The one downside to using tip-out storage in kitchens and bathrooms is moisture. Were I to install those I'd use them for dry items rather than put-away-wet items; without air flow, I'd think moist items in an enclosed space would be a recipe for mold.
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" Barca's interest allied to a fine debut season at the Sanchez Pizjuan with Sevilla also riding high in third in La Liga has even seen club reportedly set to offer Sampaoli an improved deal to stay in Seville. However, he believes the pressure now being put on Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri just months after achieving the seemingly impossible in winning the Premier League is a sign that he can't get carried away with the plaudits coming his way. "We live in the present and maybe in two weeks this (praise) won't happen because it has to do with momentaneous success. There has to be a much wider analysis," added Sampaoli. "But the fact that the club has the intention to think about a new contract pleases us and we will evaluate it." — AFP
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Seemingly countless self-help books and seminars tell you to tap into the right side of your brain to stimulate creativity. But forget the "right-brain" myth -- a new study suggests it's how well the two brain hemispheres communicate that sets highly creative people apart.
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5. The Ethics of Speculation? Many will say that it is too early to suspect foul play. Indeed, I must make it clear that this is simply speculation based on a pattern of tragic and at times unexplained events, combined with the objective reality that because of Russia’s recently elevated profile as a born-again geopolitical superpower, Russia is a bigger target for international criminals than it was in the broken 1990s or the more quiet early 2000s. When such events happen, one’s duty is to speculate so that better health and safety precautions are taken to ensure the wellbeing of Russia’s important diplomats. Furthermore, if foul play is a factor, it means that such seemingly unrelated events must be investigated more thoroughly. Russia has historically suffered from invasion, revolution and more recently from immense international pressure.
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Great PR can make or break a company's chances of securing investors, communicating the right message and gaining visibility online and off. But every now and then, a company comes along that defies this convention and achieves the seemingly impossible: 100 percent organic growth without external investment or a whisper of PR. Gadget Flow is...
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Traders and investors are struggling with low volatility markets. Here are four ways to succeed when markets are seemingly not moving.
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Bacanora Minerals Ltd (LON:BCN CVE:BCN) has positioned itself for the expected surge in demand in lithium with assets in two of the current hot spots. Already the owner of the Sonora deposit in Mexico, the dual-listed group has just agreed to take a 50% stake in the Zinnwald lithium project in Germany with the option to take full ownership within two years. Mark Hohnen, chairman, said: "Zinnwald is a strategic asset located in close proximity to a thriving market for lithium and energy products.” Sonora remained at the heart of the portfolio said Hohnen, but Zinnwald provided exposure to an exciting new geographic market and adds hard rock mineralisation to the portfolio. German lithium demand growing rapidly Zinnwald, in southern Saxony, is currently owned by SolarWorld, the largest solar panel producer in Europe. The deposit has historically been a producer of lithium carbonate in a belt that also contains tungsten and tin, but it is the location that has seemingly attracted Bacanora.
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Science A quick physics lesson should clear things up Why do the black and white bars on this piece of patterned paper seemingly switch direction? The answer lies in the shape of the glass—and what’s inside.
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Got a nice big 4K TV , but not enough room for surround sound speakers or a soundbar to accompany it? The Sonos Playbase may be the perfect partner for your telly, if a series of leaks revealing the product prove to be the real deal. Backed up by three complementary sources (a yanked retail listing , an FCC filing and seemingly-legitimate press shots as seen in the below tweet ), the Playbase, as it's name suggests, appears to be Sonos's first attempt at producing a soundbase audio unit. Essentially, if your TV stand doesn't have enough room for a soundbar, you can plonk your TV on top of the Playbase instead, and still get richer audio than you're likely to get from a flatscreen TV. Sonos meets Alexa? So, what's likely to go into the Playbase? Looking at the leaked shots, it'll feature an optical audio port and Ethernet socket, but still no HDMI passthrough option an existing bugbear of the Sonos Playbar option.
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Chefs and restaurateurs have revealed the foods that even they find challenging to cook well when they're off duty - including a seemingly simple chicken breast.
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“Those who can, do,” so we often used to hear, “and those who can’t, teach.” Nowadays the situation seems to have transformed into something more like, “Those who can, do, at least in the occasional free moments when they dont have to teach.” At first you just take a teaching gig on the side to supplement your real career, and before you know it teaching has usurped that real career almost entirely. We’ve all heard complaints from academic friends about the seemingly unbreakable cycle of lecturing, grading, and holding office hours, but how many have put it in terms as stark as Slavoj Žižek does in the interview above ? “I hate, I hate, I hateokay, talks are okay, but I hate giving classes,” says the Slovenian philosopher-critic-showman at a 2014 University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning conference devoted to his work.
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It's easy to pick from the highest-seeded teams when figuring out who will go the deepest in the NCAA tournament, but where's the fun in that? Finding those unexpected schools that seemingly come out of nowhere to make a run, that's the real challenge. While the first-round upsets pulled off by double-digit seeds are what gets the most attention early on, it's the lower-seeded teams that make it to the second weekend and beyond that truly warrant being called Cinderellas. But before they can earn that label they have a different one: sleeper. For the purposes of this piece, we're considering any team that ends up being seeded sixth or lower as eligible for sleeper status. These teams would likely have to pull off at least one upset to make it to the Sweet 16, if not two, and the momentum gained from those wins could power them even further. Every year we see a handful of such sleepers make the second weekend of the NCAA tournament.
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As a result of this, a kind of national consensus has emerged about the correct methods of fighting for asserting the true rights of the Palestinian nation. Now, the people of Palestine have experienced two different paradigms in the past three decades of their history and they have understood the proportion of those two paradigms in relation to their conditions. The paradigm of heroic and continuous resistance and holy intifada stands against the compromise paradigm. The first paradigm has brought about great achievements for that nation. It is not without reason that these days we witness that the Resistance is being attacked and that intifada is being questioned by notorious centers. The enemy is not expected to act otherwise because he is completely aware of the correctness and fruitfulness of this path. However, we sometimes witness that some of those orientations and even countries which seemingly advocate the issue of Palestine but which are trying to divert the true path of those people in reality, attack the Resistance.
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There are many writers (Thomas Paines) and printers (Reveres and Franklins) who have taken up the American flag and are charging towards the corporate imperialist (British and Dutch East India Companies) in a new battle to take back American freedom from warlord bankers who have economical imprisoned Americans in continual war-debt that must be paid to the same Transnational Warlords who Americans fought against in the First American Revolution. Just as George Washington was out-gunned, out-numbered, and lacking support throughout the first years of the revolution, so, too, it looks at times that Trump’s chances to win a war against the most powerful forces on the earth are slim. But the perseverance, truth-seeking, and the dedication of those who elected Trump to lead the country will win the war. Even when all hope was seemingly lost at Valley Forge and there was little food, shelter, ammunition, or support for the warGeorge Washington did not give up.
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It is hard to imagine that horseshoe table at the Security Council without him. He had been here more than a decade, seen many US and British and French ambassadors come and go, but he was there, seemingly an immutable presence. There has been shock and disbelief that he is no long with us. bridge the divisions between Russia and the US.