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OBESE patients are less likely to die in hospitals after heart surgery than patients who are a normal weight.
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Obese and overweight patients are less likely to die after a heart operation than those who are a healthy weight, research suggests.
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Some cancers have been missed in men. Other people have been wrongly diagnosed who did not have it, and had unnecessary surgery. You can possibly reduce the number of false positives by about 5%.
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Elections are always contingent: weird stuff happens. In 1960, Richard Nixon hit his knee on a car door moments before the first-ever televised presidential debate. Hed just had surgery on the knee to combat a staph infection, and the pain from the swelling bump undermined his performance. Its an old story: for want of a nail, a shoe is lost, for want of a shoe, a horse, and the rest is history. But the intervention of a high government official on a completely politicized hot-button issue at the apex of a presidential campaign is unprecedented in American history. It exceeds by orders of magnitude the contingencies of elections past. Voter Suppression In the last year or two did you receive a postcard from election authorities asking you to confirm your present address? I did. Those postcards originate from Operation Crosscheck, a brainchild of Kris Kobach, the Republican secretary of state in Kansas, in which 27 states collaborated to uncover the identities of citizens registered to vote in multiple states.
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Jock Struthers is sitting in a small hospital on the out-skirts of Phnom Penh recalling the first time he saw a woman with a brain protrusion that almost obliterated her face. It was here, in Cambodia, in Banteay Meanchey province, near the Thai border. I saw her driving a motorbike, then she went into a little shop. It looked like a tumour. You see so many horrendous things ... but this was a young girl. Struthers, whos from New Zealand, was then working with NZAID...
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EUGENE, Ore. (AP) - Oregon junior Dillon Brooks suffered an injury to his lower left leg late in the first half of Thursday night's game against California and did not return. Brooks, who underwent offseason surgery on his left foot, limped off the court as the 11th-ranked Ducks built a ...
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He's well known for his obsession with plastic surgery - and human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has gone under the knife once again.
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Gender fluid actor Ruby Rose has opened up about considering gender reassignment surgery when she was younger.
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay will need season-ending surgery to repair a ruptured left Achilles tendon. The Kings said Thursday that an MRI confirmed that Gay had a full rupture of the tendon and will undergo surgery in the coming days. Gay got hurt in the ...
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Jonathan Gibson reports. Ram Raman, from Walsall, has a range of long term conditions which require regular medication. I've called you in for your medication review. Today, he's come to his GP surgery for a chat with the practice pharmacist. Just looking at a couple of items you've had on your repeat list... It's a chance for her to make sure he's taking his medicines correctly and remove any items from his repeat list that he no longer needs.
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Elsewhere, waits for a hernia operations in Wales were 120 days compared with 43 in England. Cataract waits in Wales were 107 days compared with 58 in England. But it wasn't all bad. Cancer waits were broadly the same as in England and there was a dramatic fall in the length of time patients wait for heart bypass surgery in Wales.
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82-year-old Margaret Brazier can now enjoy a short walk thanks to a hip replacement operation last year at nearby wrong hospital. It was cancelled four times but she eventually had the surgery after waiting six months. You are on tenterhooks waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for a letter when you are going to be able to come in and you have got pain in your groin.
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Latest figures show that waiting times in the Welsh NHS still lag behind in most of the key categories for treatment and diagnosis. But, there has been a big reduction in the wait for heart by-pass surgery.
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A woman says constant and agonising back pain has driven her to the point of suicide. Samantha Arnold, who lives in the Wyndham Park area of the town, says she attempted to take her own life last week because the pain was getting too much. Her doctors surgery has said the first available appointment is not until the end of January and Ms Arnold said she can't be admitted to hospital without a referralShe said: I can't take this pain any longer. After I had been to AE and they said...
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Investigators then followed 15 of the 22 CBT patients for eight years, using medical records and questionnaires. They found the participantslevel of recovery and well-being was still improved, without additional therapy. Mason says the finding shows an association between talk therapy and long-term recovery in patients who had been haunted by paranoid beliefs. “Traditionally, the only interventions or treatments that have been offered are medication and even surgery in the past as well,” said Mason. "So I think, and the whole research team are really excited about, these findings that show that actually it's possible to have these brain changes from psychological therapies as well.” Investigators will now try to confirm their findings in a larger study of patients with mental illness. Researchers hope the results could lead to more refined and improved treatments for people who suffer from psychiatric illness.
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Physicians weren't sure if the surgery had ever been performed on a newborn.
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