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Five people were on board the Beechcraft charter plane bound for King Island, Tasmania, when the aircraft crashed on Tuesday about 9am, just after taking off from Essendon Airport.
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Apprentices put their knife skills to the test in a competition to crown the best aspiring butcher in the Ile-de-France region ahead of a national competition. Young butchers are in demand in France and the industry is going through a hiring boom.
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U.K. fishermen are some of the strongest supporters of Brexit, alleging that the European Union’s control of what they catch and where hurts their trade. After Brexit, however, British fishermen could be able to catch hundreds of thousands of tons more fish. Fishing in the EU is highly regulated, and those regulations can be complex. Each member state has a specific quota for each species, and that quota changes in different parts of EU waters. Fishermen in some countries can also sail further into foreign territory than others. British fishermen say the limits set by the EU’s fisheries policy are unfair and need to change, but supporters argue that the quotas have maintained, and sometimes increased, fish stocks. And with 66 percent of British fish earmarked for export, U.K. fisherman will still want access to the EU market in any deal brokered.
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The war on drugs waged by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has taken more than 7,000 lives since its inception. It took the killing of a South Korean businessman by police to prompt President Duterte to formally apologize. And while he suspended the offensive, the killings have continued. Now, the Catholic church and other faith groups have recently begun to fight back. The initiative, collectively referred to as Rise Up, intends to stand up for human rights, give financial aid to victims, and document the killings. “What we need is a cure and love. Not condemnation. Not execution,” Carmelite Father Gilbert Billena, a spokesman for the Rise Up group, told VICE News Correspondent Seb Walker. The church has a great deal of influence in the Philippines and it has been questioned why it took so long to mount its official opposition. Some clergy members, such as Reverend Jerry Bongcawii, do not object to President Duterte’s initiative.
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It's crucial to value and learn from the work of older activists, especially as the resistance builds and strengthens during the Trump era. A moving new short film called Together We Rise celebrates the importance of intergenerational activism, and recognizes the trailblazers of decades past. In less than two minutes, the largely silent film illustrates how connections between older and younger activists are necessary in order to sustain a movement. SEE ALSO: 6 ways to push your online activism into the real world in the Trump era Directed by visual artist and producer Francesca Beltran , Together We Rise was first screened on Jan. 21 at the Women's March on Washington, which commissioned the film. The video, however, was only just released online by the march's organizers. Read more... More about Social Justice , Social Good , Womens Rights , Womens March On Washington , and Women
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Experts at Duke University have debunked the concept that right brained people are more creative. The study found that creativity depends on how well the two hemispheres communicate.
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In India, the trucking business has long been a man's world but one woman is changing that. DW meets a woman getting her hands dirty and breaking down gender barriers. More News:
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It's finally here: a way for runners to leave their iPhone behind and still be able to upload their run to Strava at the finish. Strava, one of the most popular running platforms around, has ironically been dragging its feet over launching a native app for the Apple Watch 2 that can use the device's inbuilt GPS but I've been exclusively tipped by Strava that it's finally on the App Store. It brings us another step closer to Apple creating the world's best running watch in the future something I posited two years ago with the launch of the original Watch from the Cupertino brand . There's not a lot to say about the appearance of the new Strava app for the Apple Watch, as it'll basically just do the same job that it does now (tracking time, pace, distance, speed and heart rate) but without the need for a phone welded to your arm the entire time.
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The video was uploaded to Facebook by Scott Clark, from Valdosta, Georgia, and even the boy's sister appears to have more sense than the men of the family, pointing out 'that's not safe.'
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The 36-year-old transitions into an exclusive coaching role after a nearly 20-year playing career.
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I believe we are at the beginning of yet another such revolution. I call that the Cognitive Era." "I think that we as human beings are now getting overwhelmed with respect to our cognitive capabilities," commented Dr. Banavar. "Just trying to understand all of the data around us, all of the knowledge around us and trying make the right decisions about our daily lives, about our jobs, is getting really hard. We need to augment our cognition with the cognition of machines." Dr. Banavar gave the example that we all know that doctors can often be years behind the latest research and data. "What if your doctor had the benefit of a machine that could help do this kind of analysis before they make their final decision?" View Dr. Banavar's lecuture in its entirety starting at the 18:10 mark: The post The Cognitive Era is the Next Societal Revolution That Will Change the World appeared first on WebProNews .