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Charles Zhang Chaoyang, a 52-year-old Chinese mogul, has managed to offend all foreign women while denying an internet rumor that he is dating 'America's number one singer' - Taylor Swift.
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A mew months ago, [wermy] built the mintyPi, a Raspberry Pi-based gaming console that fits inside an Altoids tin. It's amazing there's a composite LCD, an audio DAC, and a chopped up Nintendo controller all connected to a Raspberry Pi for vintage gaming goodness on the road. Now, there's a new mintyPi. The mintyPi 2.0 vastly improves over the earlier generation of this groundbreaking mint-based gaming console with a better screen, better buttons, customized 3D printed bezels, and better audio. Truly, we live in a Golden Age. Version two of mintyPi uses 3D printed parts and includes a real hinge to keep the display propped up when the Altoids tin is open. Instead of a DAC-based audio solution, [wermy] is using a USB sound card for clearer, crisper sound. This version also uses the new, wireless version of the Raspberry Pi Zero. The Raspberry Pi Zero W allows this Altoids tin to connect to the Internet or, alternatively, gives the user the ability to dump ROMs on this thing without having to connect it to a computer.
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Cyber Monday used to be a separate event, the day everybody panicked and thought oh no! Its nearly Christmas and I havent bought any presents! before visiting Amazon on their work PCs. But in 2016 it was just another part of Black Friday Deals Week. As Experians Richard Jenkings told the BBC , The Black Friday promotions at the end of November are the start of a longer, more drawn-out peak season, which begins with most of the activity online and then moves in-store as we get closer and closer to Christmas day. The best Black Friday deals from last year: Every year, we load up with pizza and energy drinks to scour the entire internet for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals . These were some of our favourite deals from Black Friday 2016. 125 off the iPhone 7 Apples iPhone 7 may have been new but that didnt mean you couldnt get a Black Friday deal.
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Plymouth Herald
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A former teacher from Plymouth who was caught with more than 10,000 indecent images of children handed out Easter eggs to poorly children at Derriford Hospital, it has emerged.Scott Paskins spent more than a decade downloading sick pictures from the internet. He worked for two years at a city primary school in spite of his dark secret. But the images did not involve pupils and he never touched any youngster indecently.Paskins has since left the unnamed school and is now banned from working with...
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When I wrote about the Haunted Mansion loot crates ("Ghost Post") last March, what I couldn't say was that I was the writer on the project, penning the radio scripts, newspapers, letters, and associated gubbins and scraps that went along with the three boxes of custom-made props and merch, tying them together into a series of puzzles that the boxes' 999 owners solved together over the internet. (more)
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To back up Trump’s claim that Obama tapped his phones, Spicer suggested that Obama had asked Britain to spy on Trump for him, a claim that originated with a commentator on a Russian propaganda network and earned angry on-the-record rebukes from the British government and a senior National Security Agency official. And as news was set to break about Paul Manafort’s past work to further the interests of the Russian government, Spicer said the former chairman of Trump’s campaign had played a “minimal role” in electing Trump despite saying months earlier, “Paul’s in charge.” “He is probably not long for this job anyway, so he should be more conscious about his own personal credibility for the day he leaves the White House,” Pfeiffer said of Spicer. “No one wants to spend the rest of their life being an internet meme, and that’s the path Sean is on now.
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Last week, for example, it was revealed that the NSA identified holes in Microsoft’s Windows software and then exploited these vulnerabilities instead of warning the company and its customers. Earlier in April, President Donald Trump signed legislation that voided privacy rules preventing Internet service providers from selling the browsing history of their customers without their consent. In fact, unless you have taken extraordinary steps, either the government or at least one corporation (and probably both) know that you are reading this article right now. There is a bit of a silver lining. Just as new technologies have allowed those in power to invade your privacy and gobble up massive amounts of data about your life, they also give you the means to expose them. You can turn the tables by keeping an eye on the powerful. Bad cops dont want you to record them.
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It's a $400 device that connects to the internet and squeezes pre-bought packets of fruit and vegetables into juice. On Wednesday, Bloomberg revealed you can get the same result by squeezing the bags with your own bare hands.
Daily Express - Technology
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AMAZON’S Echo now has some serious competition with Google Home now available to buy in the UK and here’s everything you need to know about these two internet connected speakers.
Daily Mail - Australia
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A video of a girl lecturing Kmart on its lack of uni-sex underwear has melted the internet after she became upset she could not find dinosaur pants for girls when shopping with her grandmother.
Informed Comment
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Perhaps you remember the deep public concern about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014. Who is working on a vaccine? The US government and Merck . In the US system, vaccine development is a government-private-public partnership: Of the $1.4 billion that fund US vaccine research and development annually, 46% comes from vaccine sales, 36% from taxpayers, and 18% from risk capital. As for technology, entrepreneurs most often build on government-funding. Of a ten-mile journey toward innovation, 9 of the miles are often traversed by government-backed research, and the entrepreneurs come in for the last mile. Forbes admits , the basic technologies that Apple AAPL -0.13% products are built on (and those of all tech firms), from the chips, to the Internet, to GPS, to the software protocols, were all supported or wholly developed by government programs.
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I personally loved the play of the neon lights coming from the ceiling. We are featuring the work from Tinnaphop Chawatin who is an architectural photographer behind these beautiful shots. Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski Pawel Kuczynski is a polish artist who creates amazing satirical illustrations. When you first look at the illustrations you think they are funny. On a closer look you actually realize that they are much deeper. Pawel illustrates some pretty serious world problems. He portrays political, social and cultural issues we deal with daily. Pawel certainly uses his illustrations to show us in a pretty straight forward way what is wrong with our world today. Too much social media time, internet, political craziness. It is all portrayed here, take a look. Pawel's work is highly recognized and the artist has been rewarded with more than 100 prizes and distinctions.
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A lookalike of world famous Argentinian football player Lionel Messi has become an internet sensation after he was discovered working as a food attendant in his family business in Vila Re, Sao Paulo on Saturday. Alexandro Pereira Negreiros became famous after a photo of him went viral on social media. He said that although “at the beginning I felt a little weird with people calling me Messi” he has grown used to it. The 21-year-old went on to express his wish to meet the star, and said he would like to tell him that it would be an honour to meet him, "He is world-wide known, and I also like his football. I would simply would love to meet him in person and know more about him," he added. SOT, Alexandro Pereira Negreiros, Lionel Messi lookalike (Portuguese): "At the beginning I felt a little weird with people calling me Messi, I was surprised at the beginning but got used to it with all that routine.
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Internet sensation Jordan Bone (pictured), from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, has been paralysed from the neck down ever since a horrific car crash left her life in ruins at the age of 15.
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American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen tells Breitbart News that we need to take back the internet from the tech-socialists.
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ALL the talk in the lead up to this semi-final had centred on one JasonCumdogCummings, the newly crowned Twitter wrestling champion, after the video of his bout in the Hibs canteen with Impact Wrestling’s Grado became an internet sensation.
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INTERNET dating had left our heroine dreaming of escape to sunnier climes – but would she take the plunge?
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Dozens of young people from Jharkhand and pockets of West Bengal were thrilled when they received lucrative job offers for a south Delhi hotel through WhatsApp.
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This fall, Marvel will kick off a new initiative, "Legacy," that will take things back to the company's iconic comic book history while keeping an eye on the future.
Daily Mail - Home
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Internet sensation Jordan Bone(pictured), from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, has been paralysed from the neck down ever since a horrific car crash left her life in ruins at the age of 15.