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Legendary Entertainment’s Chinese owner, Dalian Wanda, said Friday that the abrupt exit of founder Thomas Tull is part of its larger restructuring plans for growth but that the change at the top did not reflect dissatisfaction with Tull or the recent release of “The Great Wall,” which some have described as disappointing. “’The Great Wall’... Read more »
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A new wave of retrenchments is underway in the mining industry. Anglogold Ashanti is the latest to announce plans to lay off hundreds of workers. As many as 850 jobs are on the line. For more news, visit:
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Trump has also said he can solve the Kashmir crisis - again a touchy subject, since India's official position is that all Kashmir is an integral part of India and any dispute must be resolved bilaterally. A member of Hindu Sena, a right wing Hindu group, holds a placard of Donald Trump during a protest in New Delhi. Adnan Abidi/Reuters Another area of contention and anxiety is the lottery of H1-B Visas given for workers in technology and computing industries, which are largely corralled by Indians. Trump has promised to reduce these visas . In keeping with his promise to "Make America Great Again", he also plans to push back against the outsourcing of jobs - an additional potential point of conflict. While ideologically distinct from Modi, president Obama forged a close connection with India , part of his administrations' broader pivot toward Asia.
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Like Chrome but dont like adverts? Then you might like Brave Browser . Its a browser based on Chromium so it looks a lot like Chrome, and its built by one of the co-founders of Mozilla, who should have a better idea of how to build a browser than most. As youve probably guessed, Brave has a built-in ad-blocker, and its simple to use and configure for individual sites just tap the lion icon at the top of a page to enable or disable ads, trackers and third-party cookies for the site youre on (although TechRadar would just love it if you chose to whitelist us to help us keep the lights on). Brave is still in beta though, and this is just the beginning, as it has ambitions to work with websites and advertisers, rather than simply blocking ads. The desktop version of the browser already lets you choose to show unobtrusive ads, or pay publishers of the sites that you block ads on, and in future the company even plans to launch a revenue share model, where users who dont block adverts get a small cut of the income which they can either keep or distribute to the sites and bloggers they want to support.
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The Prime Minister’s plans to withdraw the UK from Europe's single market and customs union should not present any problems for electronic component suppliers, according to the ECSN supply chain organisation. The UK electronics supply chain is highly reliant on timely shipment of products across EU and international borders. As things stand there are virtually no tariffs (import ... Read full article: EU customs exit no problem' for component suppliers
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Uniformed police officers will join mourners at the funeral in Scunthorpe this Tuesday (January 31) of retired chief inspector Steve Tipple whose work with the Humberside force will never be forgotten. Father of two Mr Tipple died aged 61 years in Scunthorpe General Hospital on New Year's Day. His death came almost seven years after he retired as chief inspector, following a 30-year career with the Humberside force. More: Nightclub plans for Scunthorpe town centre bar are rejectedBut the day...
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The busy Truro Post Office branch will close in just over two months and relocate a mere 75 metres to the WHSmith store, it has been announced. The Post Office has decided to forge ahead with plans to relocate the recently revamped Truro Office Post branch and create a new branch within the nearby WHSmith store on Pydar Street. The busy post office's last day of trading on High Cross will be on March 15 and it will reopen in the new branch on March 16. There was outrage by...
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The parent company of Tim Hortons and Burger King plans to launch an app Canada-wide this spring that would allow customers to order and pay in advance on their smartphone without lining up to pay a cashier.
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Apple wont insist on getting everything on its wish list, the person said. Apple didnt respond to requests for comment. The company doesnt manufacture devices itself, but rather partners with contract manufacturers to handle the capital intensive demands of building factories and hiring staff. One surprise in India is that Apple plans to partner with Taiwan’s Wistron Corp. rather than Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., its usual manufacturing source, according to the person. Assembly of iPhones could start at Wistron’s existing facility in the suburbs of Bangalore, the person said. The work may be expanded to other suppliers including Hon Hai later, depending on demand, the person said. Apple and India’s officials have met several times amid a prolific exchange of correspondence, but next week’s meeting will be crucial. If the government gives in to Apple’s demands, it may have to offer similar incentives to other global brands, such as Samsung Electronics Co.
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Previewing the UI now.
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Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih attends the World Economic Forum in Davos, Thursday. (Reuters) DAVOS, Switzerland: Saudi Arabia aims to become a "major exporter" of renewable energy, its energy minister has revealed. Khalid Al-Falih said there are plans to allow for the export of cleanly produced electricity to Europe. "If the region gets connected to Europe for example, then solar (power) that is produced in Saudi Arabia can be exported all the way to Europe through a network," he told Arab News on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. "When it's sunny in the region, it's dark and cloudy sometimes in Europe... So we can be a major exporter." Such an electricity supply could be routed through Egypt, and there were "projects underway" to support this, Al-Falih said. Al-Falih said on Monday that Saudi Arabia is to launch a renewable energy program that is expected to involve investment of between $30 billion and $50 billion by 2023.
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A BATTLE is raging over plans to demolish an old village pub and build four new homes on the site.
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Objections to proposals to remove four public payphones in Hertsmere have been submitted to BT after concerns were raised because of their use as emergency lifelines.
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I think you'll agree from the pictures above, they did a brilliant job. Indeed, stand 10 paces away and the 190E is looking better than ever. On closer inspection, though, its oxidised paint needs serious attention, and there are plans afoot for that. It isn't perfect to look at, true, but nevertheless, when somebody reversed into me over this last weekend I was still pretty heartbroken. Luckily, the resulting dent was fairly small, only a little paint was taken off and for now the other driver is willing to pay. Let's hope it stays that way. I'll be back with more soon. Read Part 1 HERE Read Part 2 HERE Read Part 3 HERE
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With all the different visitors, “it’s been one of our busiest weekends yet,” said Roger, a 41-year-old cabdriver who declined to give his last name. “They’ve been supportive of Trump, protesting against Trump, and not giving a damn about the man,” he said. All I know is that business has been good. Real good.” Not everyone in the city is planning to stay in town for the event. Preston Mitchum, 30, a gay man, plans to go away for a few days with friends. Sweating on an exercise machine at a gym on Thursday afternoon, he noted most of his friends are gay or members of racial minorities – groups that generally opposed Trump’s candidacy. “We dont want to deal with the fact that we may have to get into an argument with someone (supporting Trump),” he said. On Wednesday night, Mitchum was among hundreds attending an outdoordance partyorganized by gay and transgender activists near the home of Vice President-elect Mike Pence.