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The Government has imposed a new way of measuring the performance of secondary schools and these are the best performing schools in Cornwall area based on GCSE results released this week. St Joseph's School was the best performing school in the county in 2016, based on its Attainment 8 performance, with an average score per pupil of 60.1. This is roughly equivalent to a B grade for each of the eight subjects included. Overall, 45% of pupils passed the English Baccalaureate, with 90% gaining an...
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Teslas new 100 kWh battery pack first arrived with a performance designation, hence the P in P100D, but now the company has released the 100D version of the upgrade option, which delivered the same capacity, but tweaked for efficiency rather than speed. The 100D option was added early Friday morning, promising an additional 20 miles of range based on EPA... Read More
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(FARINDOLA, Italy) Rescue crews located up to eight people alive in the kitchen of an avalanche-crushed hotel on Friday, an incredible discovery that boosted spirits two days after the massive snow slide buried around 30 people in the resort. Video released by rescuers showed a boy, wearing blue snow pants and a matching ski shirt, emerging from the structure and crews mussing his hair in celebration. Next was a woman with a long ponytail wearing red snow pants. Brava Brava! the rescuers cheered. The survivors appeared fully alert and walking on their own. Both were helped down to a stretcher for the helicopter ride out. This first news has obviously repaid all the rescuers' efforts, deputy interior minister Filippo Bubbico said. First word of the discovery came at around 11 a.m. (1000 GMT; 5 a.m. EST), news met with exhilaration after at least four people had already been found dead since Thursday.
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Latin American Minerals Inc (CVE:LAT) has hit 10 grams per tonne gold over 0.5 metres at the Paso Yobai project in Paraguay. The result comes from one of two holes drilled at Paso Yobai that intersected mineralisation. Results from another two holes that were released at the same time came up blank, but this current drill programme is for 10,000 metres so there is plenty more scope for success. Already, trenching, drilling, open pit excavation and bulk sampling have intersected gold mineralization over a 3,000 metre long trend and multiple ore shoots have been identified in this work. The present drilling was situated to test at depth the gold mineralization sampled in Trench 6, located on this trend. "The Company has a long list of targets ready for drilling, which have been identified though surface sampling and geophysical methods,” says chief executive Basil Botha.
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A man and woman were taken to hospital after a car crashed into a building in Herne Bay yesterday.Kent Fire and Rescue Service responded to reports that a car had crashed into a building in Station Road, Herne Bay shortly before 7pm. Two fire engines attended but found both casualties, a man and woman in their 60's, had been released prior to their arrival. Firefighters assisted SECAmb with casualty care and both casualties were transferred to hospital.For more of the latest breaking news and...
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A man jailed for stalking his ex-girlfriend has gone on the run after he was let out of prison on licence.Mel Danvers, from Plymouth, was sentenced to a year behind bars at Exeter Prison in April 2016 for breaching a restraining order.He was released on licence on December 16 but has broken the terms of his licence agreement and is now effectively on the run. Police say he has links to Whitleigh and Ernesettle.Officers are trying to track him down and arrest Danvers and members of...
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Nintendo Square Enix has been re-releasing Dragon Quest games on the DS and 3DS for a decade now, if you can believe it—beginning with 2007’s Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen , the developer has released five remade mainline DQ games for Nintendo’s dual-screened handhelds (plus Dragon Quest IX , a new title first released on the DS). Up until now, all of those remakes have been upgrades from the originals—the DS was more powerful than the NES and the SNES and the 3DS is more powerful than the original PlayStation. Square Enix used the extra power to give all the games a shiny new coat of paint in addition to the streamlined gameplay and new content. The 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII , released in the US today, is different. Rather than being a ground-up redesign of the game as Dragon Quest VII was, VIII is more-or-less a straight port of the PS2 original with a few changes stacked on top. Read 19 remaining paragraphs | Comments
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In fact, fatherhood might even enhance the rocker in me.” Akim first made his mark in the music industry when he came in third at the iconic ­reality singing competition, Akademi Fantasia, in 2009. Three years later, Akim ­released his self-titled debut ­album with most of the songs there composed by him. Two years on, he formed Akim & the Majistret, a pop-rock band ­comprising six ­musicians from other popular bands. The band came out with its album, Patriot, in 2015, which ­featured such songs as ­Mewangi, ­Anugerah and Patriot, that became mega hits for Akim & the Majistret. The band went on to win many awards, ­including the ­Anugerah ­Bintang ­Popular for two ­consecutive years (2014 and 2015) as well as the coveted Anugerah Juara Lagu prize last year. Akim ­personally has won many awards, both for his vocals as well as his ­songwriting talent.
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A second-life 4.2kWh unit costs £3,200 or €3,500 and will cost4,000 with installation and tax – but we dont have a UK price for everything yet. A more powerful 6kWh battery will cost3,900, but again Nissan hasnt yet released a price that includes the installation and tax. A new 6kWh battery will cost5,000, but we dont yet have a UK price or cost with installation and tax for that either. Both batteries will also come with an extended warranty period of ten years, and you can pre-order them and declare your interest here . Image 1 of 6
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If the tech companies aren't careful, we'll get bored of being told everything is the best new thing and no one will buy anything until it's been proven. We'll end up doing what our parents did, nursing TVs and audio equipment through 20 or 30 years, because we know the replacements won't have the same shelf lives -- and the people that made them will say the one they released 11 months ago was rubbish, anyway, because here's a better one that's a few notes more, and you can order it today. 10 failed smartphone "innovations": projectors, 3D screens, gamepads and more
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Career criminal Florin Fechete, 33, pictured, was released from jail and went to Britain only to expose himself to the schoolgirl before lifting up her skirt in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.
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Trump. While much attention has been focused on Trump’s access to the nuclear launch codes and the President’s Daily Brief—the classified intelligence report delivered inside a locked briefcase each morning to the Oval Office—those represent only a tiny sliver of the massive top-secret universe that Trump personally will suddenly be privy to. He will have the ability to see inside the most sensitive and covert programs run by the United States and its allies around the world; he will have access to surveillance tools, covert payrolls and personal secrets about foreign leaders. He will know about blacked-out special forces raids and UFO-like spy planes, the next-generation cyberattacks that would come in the opening minutes of a new war, and the dozens of secret classified procedures and laws written down by his presidential predecessors. He’ll even be first in line for some mundane but important things: As president, Trump will be one of just four senior officials to learn sensitive market-moving economic data from the Labor Department up to 12 hours before it is released publicly.
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Vicki Gunvalson is still fighting for the money that her former business partner, Robert Williamson, owes her from their never-ending, nasty legal battle over failed Vicki’s Vodka line , has learned. In court documents obtained by Radar, Williamson — a professional poker player who declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy in January 2016 — was grantedremoval of the automatic stay of bankruptcy,” but “civil actions may proceed.” Per the terms of his bankruptcy, Williamson is not responsible to pay back all his debts during the proceedings. But Gunvalson will be an exception because she filed documents asking for the stay to be released or in other words, for her civil lawsuit to be unfrozen so she can continue to fight for her money. PHOTOS: Un-Real! Vicki Gunvalson Fights Back AgainstRHOCCast’s ‘Ridiculous Lies’ — The Truth About Brooks AyersCancer & More As Radar previously reported, a few years ago, Williamson had filed lawsuits against Gunvalson claiming she had failed to promote the vodka line.
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Police are trying to trace a 25 year old Plynouth man who is wanted for recall to prison after breaching his release conditions.Mel Danvers was sentenced to 12 months in Exeter prison in January 2016 for breaching a restraining order at Plymouth Crown Court and was released on licence on 16 December 2016.Local enquiries are being carried out to locate and arrest Danvers and members of the public are being asked to report any sightings.Danvers has links to Whitleigh and the Ernesettle areas of...
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A video had suffered from the shoot wich showed a German shepherd being forced to perform in artificial rapids. Despite the dog's clear unwillingness to enter the choppy water, the crew still tried to get the poor animal in anyway and director Lasse Hallstrom was reportedly there the whole time. After the video was released by TMZ, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called for the boycott of the film, starring Dennis Quaid. A German Shepherd was filmed struggling to ...
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Personal finance website WalletHub released data on the best and worst cities for jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). It used 17 metrics to rank each region, such as the number of job openings for STEM graduates and the share of a region’s workforce employed in STEM roles.
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In the world of the show itself, the fate of Shannon Purser's Barb is being discussed by TV news outlets. Here's a teasing clip that's been released, followed by the season 2 announcement video... Stranger Things season 2 image Here's the first teasing image to be released from the production of Stranger Things season 2. It shows cast members new and old gathering for a read-through. You may have to turn your PC upside-down to get a decent look at them... s%u0183u%u0131%u0265%u0287%u0279%u01DD%u0183u%u0250%u0279%u0287s# %u0279%u0250%u01DD%u028E %u0287x%u01DDu no%u028E %u01DD%u01DDs uo%u0131%u0287%u0254npo%u0279d u%u0131 %u029E%u0254%u0250q Things (@Stranger_Things) November 4, 2016 The official Stranger Things writers' room Twitter account jokingly added this... "Did you guys know that we are filming the entire next season rotated 180 degrees I hope none of you get motion-sick" Stranger Things season 2 episodes You've probably already heard that Netflix has renewed Stranger Things for a second season, with writer/creators The Duffer Brothers and executive producer Shawn Levy (whose interview with us you can read here ) all primed to return.
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Asus released several smartphones under the Zenfone 3 name during 2016 and even early 2017, but rumors are spreading it'll replace the range with new Zenfone 4 devices in May 2017. Here's what we think we know about them so far. The post Rumor says Asus is plotting high-specification Zenfone 4 range for 2017 appeared first on Digital Trends .